Ingenious ways to make your next event experience remarkable

An article / story about effective ways for making an event fulfilling / memorable

You’ll always warm-heatedly recall the way the best cooking smelled in your mother’s kitchen. Experiential marketing strategies generate same kind of emotions and memories for your event attendees no matter what the event is.

Audience engagement plays a key role in the success of any event which not only ensures that your people are connected with you but also maximize your return on investment on a personal level. So, it is crucial to know and evaluate how you engage with your attendees and what inspires them to move on.

  Ingenious ways to make your next event experience remarkable

Create an appeal to event attendees’ senses—artistically and distinctively.

With the modern lifestyle and modern thought process, attendees today continue to become more sophisticated, and they set an expectation to your event which should satisfy a multitude of senses. Here are just a few ways you can cater to your people.

Personalize the event experience – the best for your audience which they never have experienced

Dedicate specific time, energy and resource in planning and executing the event to make it stand apart on a personal level by giving special care from picking an event venue to ensuring event security.

Extend your extra efforts in designing activities and amenities that can be adapted for higher perceived value. Few important points to be considered:

Make the pre-event experience unified and streamlined. For most of the commercial events, starting from your event registration website, creating an online experience plays a crucial role before the event that encapsulates what your audience will feel and encounter while they are on site. With much competition in the market, making your website stand apart is a key way of getting attendees to buy their ticket. But don’t stop there. Choosing the right communications tactics builds enthusiasm before, during and after the event.

Make your attendees to experience the event destination feel local. India is a land of distinctive cultures and lifestyles. If you are bringing your audience to a different and/or exotic destination, allow them to engage themselves in the culture. For example, Hyderabad is famous for its traditional food, so try including the best biryani as a part of the cuisine. Introduce the local chats of authentic food and allow them to modify the meal to suit their personal tastes. Give a more feel to your people. Make their favorite singers and brands are part of the show. Take extra efforts in making you audience get engaged and take part in the show. Make the traditional rituals a crucial part of the event.

Make it an once-in-a-lifetime educational experience for your audience by allowing them time to engage with speakers. Can it be a celebrity or a top name in the industry is a big draw- might even be the main reason an attendee signed up. Give your people a chance to hang out with top speakers.

Intertwine in event wellness trends to energize and inspire. Start an event with a traditional ritual. It creates a good feel to your audience. Providing a mouthwatering authentic food, creating a right odor at the venue, giving everyone a grand welcome will also create a best impression for your audience. An emotional touch with lifestyle and health improvement awareness makes everyone happier. Either it can be part of your return gifts, or part of your event as a social welfare activity or can be an exclusive show for the yoga trends etc., make people happier and is also a unique way to draw their attention.

Make their presence more appealing:

Make everyone feel their importance. Give them extra space to do their tasks especially the important people of the show. Make your technicians be ready for more patience in capturing all the special moments. Allowing everyone to participate and also engaging them with all the cheers. Also, the modern trend and digitalization allows everything possible. Make all the photos and videos available online for your audience and give a chance to share it with their friends and relatives and store it as their memories.

Event is a pleasant journey, so creating opportunities for measurable event success and continual engagement opportunities allow attendees to look back on and continuously enjoy the event experience making your event more remarkable.




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